Bird House Press characters

Learn about two of our characters that have properly taken our hearts here at Bird House Press – and have a life beyond the products they feature on!

A Ghost called Hex

Hex is a wonderfully happy little Ghostie – who finds the joy in everything.

Space Cat

SpaceCat is a huge fan of exploring the deepest, darkest reaches of space… but is always back in time for tea!

Space Cat started his life as an illustration that was produced as a limited edition screen print. His awesome retro colours and proud stance soon meant he was a craft fair favourite wherever Bird House Press attended.

Rocket Cat

Wherever SpaceCat goes – RocketCat won’t be far behind… causing trouble!

Featured on the same screen-print design as SpaceCat, RocketCat earned a following from everyone who could associate with the clumsy kitty who means well, but always manages to find himself in a fix!